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Gravity and Experiment

5-9 December 2016, Paris, France


Gravity appears to be one of the ingredients of open problems that span an impressive range of length scales and several research fields - theoretical and mathematical physics, cosmology, astrophysics. Characteristic examples are the quantum nature of spacetime, vacuum energy and the cosmological constant, dark matter and dark energy, black holes physics. One of the key problems in gravity is the limited amount of experimental guidance. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together leading experimentalists and a handful of theorists and discuss how ongoing and future experiments can lead to new insights on the gravitational interaction. We will cover experiments at all scales, from tabletop to space missions, and across all fields, from gravitational waves and relativistic astrophysics to cosmology and analogue gravity.


The hope is to build bridges between different fields and encourage interdisciplinary interactions. To this end, the proposed format is the following: invited overview talks on the latest experiments will be given by experimentalists and they will be followed by topical discussions led by theorists. The program will allow ample time for discussions and round tables.


28-29th of November 2015

The year 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's presentation of the complete Theory of General Relativity to the Prussian Academy. This event led to a scientific revolution that has forever changed our understanding of the Universe. At this meeting we will celebrate the centenary of this momentous occasion by bringing together researchers and enthusiasts from the UK, and throughout the world, to discuss the many avenues of research and inquiry that have sprung from Einstein's theory. We will hear talks from world leaders on a range of topics, from the mathematics of black holes to the history of science. It should be a memorable event.

The Unruh Fest: A Celebration in Honour of Bill Unruh's 70th Birthday

13-14 of August 2015

A workshop in honour of Bill Unruh on occasion of his 70th birthday.


23-24 of June 2014

Interdiciplinary workshop on Bose-Einstein condensates and cosmolgy at the University of Nottingham. A joint event between the School of Mathematical Sciences and the School of Physics & Astronomy.

Workshop on Effective Gravity in Fluids and Superfluids

9-13 of Jul 2012

Description: a major problem of quantum field theory in curved spacetimes, and quantum gravity more generally, is the lack of sufficient observational and experimental guidance. To address this issue we proposing a multidisciplinary workshop to stimulate the exchange of ideas involving possible connections between quantum gravity and easy-to-access physical systems whose description is well-established in other fields, such as fluid dynamics and superfluidity. The proposed workshop brings togetherthe following communities:

• Semi-classical quantum gravity

• Analogue gravity

• Experimental and theoretical fluid dynamics

• Experimental and theoretical superfluidity

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