Everyone working in the Black Hole Laboratory has to carry out the Health and Safety training listed on this page:

Display Screen Equipments (computer screens)

Please answer the questionnaire here http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/safety/policies-and-guidance/dse/dse-checklist.aspx

For the DSE assessor email, use Silke's email.

On the pdf file https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/safety/documents/dse-cop.pdf, under "appendix 3" you can find information on the minimum requirements, so that you are better informed to fill in this questionnaire. Once you have completed it, Mathilde will receive a copy of yours answers. 

Notice, everyone is entitled to have an eye testing session. For more information click here http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/safety/policies-and-guidance/dse/dse-eye.aspx


Laser Safety

The British Standard for Safety of laser products can be downloaded here

All personnel using the laser devices in the laboratory must enrol in the Laser safety course on Moodle. This is an online course which can be undertaken at any time. Once the training is done, please have it signed by Peter Milligan


Please also watch the video on the Health and Safety department of the University

Fire Safety

All personnel must be aware of the Fire-response procedure in case of a fire in the laboratory

Personal Protective Equipment

Please read the information present in the following page about proper equipment to be used in the laboratory 

You can also watch a video teaching you to remove your gloves without contaminating your hands


Lone and out of hours working

Please read the information present in the following page about the procedure concerning lone and out of hours working

Manual Handling

Please read the information present in the following page about manual handling

Work at height

Please read the information present in the following page about working at heights

Also have a read at the regulations in place when using a ladder

First aid code of action

Please read the information present in the following page about the First aid code of action


For more information about First aid procedures, please follow this link http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/safety/handbook/emergency-first-aid-treatment.aspx

You should also be aware that your School Safety Officer is Dr Peter Milligan.

Specific protocols related to work in The Black Hole Laboratory


Before you start working in the Black Hole Laboratory
please go through the list above and read through the listed protocols.
In addition, please fill out the following two documents
  1. Induction Questionnaire related to general Health and Safety guidelines
  2. Health and Safety declaration document
add a date and sign both documents, scan it, and send it to Silke.
Notice that only after having taken care of all this you are allowed to work in the
The Black Hole Laboratory.